Keep your tree FRESH - Keep it in WATER!

Keep your tree FRESH - Keep it in WATER!

At Little Hills we take great care in making sure our shipped
Fir Trees get a fresh cut when arriving at the tree farm -
then we keep them in water to re-hydrate until your purchase so you are assured the freshest, most long lasting Christmas Tree you can find.

Tree Tips and Proper Care of your
Freshly Cut Christmas Tree


Christmas Trees are very thirsty and must be placed in water to stay green and fresh. Upon bringing it home, if more than one hour has passed since cutting your tree you should cut a an additional 1/2 inch off the base of your tree before placing it into water.

Check the water level of your tree DAILY. Trees can drink a quart of water per inch of diameter at their base every single day. (A tree with a 5-inch diameter base can drink 5 quarts of water a day!) Water your tree if the stand is dry or if the level looks low.

We recommend getting a stand with the following capacities as a guide:
Up to 8' tree - 1 gallon
Up to 10' tree - 1-3/4 gallon
Up to 12' tree - 3 gallon

These are guidelines. Your situation may require something different. When in doubt more water is always better.

Never allow the water level to go below the base of the tree. If this happens, sap can run out and seal off the base, restricting water flow.

Do not place tree near fireplace or wood stove!
Do not place tree near heater or heater vent.
Do not place tree in window with direct sunlight.

Keep your tree FRESH - Keep it in WATER!

Little Hills Christmas Tree Farm in Petalum