The Farm at Little Hills

Great Family Outing at Little Hills Tree Farm


The Animal CorralPetunia our pig

It's Christmas at the Little Hills Animal Corral! No visit to Little Hills Christmas Tree Farm is complete until you exchange holiday greetings with our most adorable residents.

Chloe - Chloe joined our family 8 years ago. She is a fun loving Newfoundland, who likes to clown around. She is often out at the farm with her best friend, Kriss. Chloe is happy to meet people and other dogs, so be sure to say hi if she is out (code for not taking a nap).

Winston Charlie

Winston & Charlie - These adorable brothers have a ball together. They are Leavitt Bulldogs, 3 years old.

Petunia our pigPetunia & Marigold - Petunia (black spot on her ear) and Marigold are our pigs on the farm. They are Gloucestershires, aka Old Spots. They are very friendly and would love to have you stop by and say, hi!



ChewyAlpaca - Chewbacca (aka Chewy) is an Alpaca and cute as can be. Chewy is quiet and shy, but has the most dreamy brown eyes that make you smile.




Daisy is a Boer Goat with tons of personality. She's friendly, curious and likes to be in the middle of the action. (See Daisy to the left)




SpotOur Black Boer Goat Trixie is quite the trickster! (left) She came to the farm in late 2014 and much to our surprise, in March 2015 gave birth to Samson! Samsonright) With Samson's arrival came a lot of excitement. It had been many years since we had a baby goat on the farm. He is sweet and fun to watch.

Otis -Our miniature chocolate donkey is a sweetheart and very friendly. We have really enjoyed getting to know him & hope you do too.

Turkeys - Our turkeys, all heritage breeds, love to be talked to. They talk back, turkey talk of course!


You're invited
We invite you to experience a timeless Christmas tree experience, far from the crowds, on a working farm that offers a one-of-a-kind holiday finds.

With thousands of trees expertly grown and meticulously hand-pruned, you’re destined to find the ideal centerpiece for all of your holiday celebrations. As we tend to the trees all year we keep in mind that the tree you choose will be in your home as a part of your holiday celebrations.








There's A Whole Lotta Shaking
Going On at Little Hills!

For a small fee our tree shakers give your tree a good shimmy so that the loose needles land on our farm and not on your carpet. It’s important to us that your tree arrives in your home as fresh and clean as possible.

Shaking the Christmas Tree to remove loose needles

Holiday Helpers

Cutting a Christmas tree is not something most of us do every day. Not to worry! The "Lumberjacks" at Little Hills Christmas Tree Farm are here to assist you with every step of the process including cutting, hauling and loading your tree on to your car.

Get Net Results

A little something extra you may want to purchase for your tree is "Netting". Netting refers to the practice of wrapping plastic netting around your tree in order to make it much more manageable when loading it on to your car, maneuvering it through your front door and setting it up on your tree stand. We're happy to net your tree for you to make it as effortless as possible for you to transport it.

Netting a Tree

Leashed Friendly Dogs Welcomed

Leashed, friendly dogs are welcome at Little Hills Christmas Tree Farm. Stop by our Gift Shop for a special treat just for them!

Bring your own leashed dog to Little Hills.

The Right Tools

We are happy to provide measuring poles, saws and carts for the adult members of the family to use when cutting and transporting their tree from the fields.

Christmas Tree Carts

Savor the Season

To encourage each family to take ample time selecting the perfect tree, you can enjoy fresh popped popcorn and delicious apple cider. It's our small way of adding a dash of flavor to your experience at Little Hills Christmas Tree Farm.


Guess Who's Coming to Town?

Santa Claus visits Little Hills Tree Farm Saturday and Sundays from 10 am – 4 pm. Bring your wish list and your camera so you can capture each magic moment

Santa at Little Hills


Little Hills Christmas Tree Farm in Petalum