Fresh Cut Firs - (Kept in Water)


Unloading Fresh Cut Fir Trees

Little Hills Christmas Tree Farm also carries fresh cut firs! Shipped directly from Kintigh's Mountain Home Farm in Springfield, Oregon, each fresh tree is kept perfectly hydrated to guarantee its freshness until purchase. We take great care to ensure that each tree meets our quality standards when it arrives at the farm. Plus, we've been working with Kintigh's Mountain Home Farm for over 30 years and have built a solid relationship with this 54 year-old family company. We’re so impressed with the excellent quality of their trees, and we know you will be, too.

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Noble Fir 2' to 11'

In the wild the Noble Fir more than lives up to its name, reaching towering heights of up to 200 feet. Native to the Siskiyou Mountains of Northern California and the Coastal ranges of Oregon and Washington, this lush conifer is considered an excellent Christmas tree because of its beauty, stiff branches and extended, fragrant freshness. Choose a Noble Fir for a look that celebrates natural beauty and provides a stunning backdrop for your ornaments all season long.

Douglas Fir 5' to 8'

The Douglas Fir is an ideal choice for those seeking a beautiful Christmas tree with an ancient history. Under natural conditions the Douglas Fir can live up to 1000 years, owing to its thick bark that easily withstands fire damage. With dark green or blue green needles that release a sweet fragrance, and a lush shape that enhances the look of your favorite ornaments, the Douglas Fir creates an unforgettable holiday ambiance.

Turkish Fir 2' to 11'

The Turkish Fir is native to northern Turkey, and has very stout branches and shiny dark green needles that turn upward -- much like those of the Noble Fir. Its hefty branches can hold heavy ornaments without drooping, creating endless possibilities for a dramatic display. The Turkish Fir is known for excellent needle retention in the home if kept in water.

About Kintigh's Mountain Home Farm

Kintigh's was founded in 1957 by Bob and Margaret Kintigh at a farm on East Cedar Flat road a few miles east of Springfield, Oregon. Bob held degrees in forestry from Penn State and University of California. Bob was never satisfied with the status quo and introduced and experimented with new species and tried different seed sources. Working with other leading growers he helped develop techniques to produce full trees with good shape but with a natural look. Bob's sons Mark and Dan who now own and manage the business carry on this tradition of excellence, honesty and hard work as they continually try to improve.



If you're dreaming of a white Christmas, we've made it easier than ever to bring home a flocked tree. Just select from one of our many ready-to-go flocked trees or choose your own green tree and have it custom flocked and pick it up in a couple of days. All flocked trees include a wood stand and are put in plastic bags for protection while transporting. Flocking not only adds the charm of winter to your tree, but it also acts as a flame retardant.

Flocked Christmas Tree Flocked Christmas Tree Flocked Christmas Tree

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What is Flocking?

Christmas tree flocking is artificial snow that is applied to the tree. We take care when flocking our trees to make sure that the snow looks as realistic as possible. Also, the flocking we use is a flame retardant for additional peace of mind.






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Choose & Cut Trees

Depending on the whims of Mother Nature, the size and lushness of the trees can vary from year to year. The ability to choose from the largest and freshest selection of trees ensures that your family will find the perfect tree at the perfect price.

We have choose-and-cut Monterey Pine, Carolina Saphires and Leyland Cypress trees.

Choose & cut fields close at 5 pm!

The Trees at Little Hills Christmas Tree Farm

Each one of our choose-and-cut Christmas trees has its own unique look and attributes. Let us help you find the tree that best expresses your family's Christmas spirit.

Choose and Cut Monterey Pine Choose and Cut Leland CyprusChoose and Cut Sierra Redwood

Tree Carts at Little HillsSaws and measuring pools for Choose and Cut Trees

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Monterey Pine

The Monterey Pine is the most widely planted pine tree in the world, known for its rapid growth and diversity of uses. It also makes a lovely Christmas tree, with a fresh look that can be described as rustic, natural and authentic. You'll love how it brings a hint of the outdoors in, and delivers an understated appeal to your holiday theme.


Leyland Cypress

There are no naturally occurring Leyland Cypress trees – each one is a hybrid of the Monterey Cypress and Alaskan Cedar. The species was discovered in 1888 by C.J. Leyland at Leighton Hall, an estate in the South of Wales. The two parent trees crossbred on their own and purely by accident, creating a tree that is simply ideal for Christmas trees and ornamental plantings. The foliage is a very deep forest green and will complement your traditional Christmas décor perfectly.


The Perfect Tree

We want you to not only have a pleasant time at the farm, but to also bring home a quality tree that brings a smile each time you look at it. Monterey Pines, Carolina Saphires and Leyland Cypress Trees flourish under our watchful care. Each one is grown naturally, with no added pesticides or chemicals, so you can be sure that you bring home a fresh, locally grown Christmas tree without any worries. Plus, we bring in fresh-cut Noble Fir, Turkish Fir and Douglas Fir trees and keep them bright, green and fresh by providing lots of water.

Once you’ve chosen your perfect tree, shaking and netting is available for easy transportation. We provide plenty of twine so that your tree arrives home safely. If you need help cutting your tree, we can do that too.





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