Kriss and Carol Mungle

A Family Tree


Little Hills Christmas Tree Farm was established by Carol and Kriss Mungle in the fall of 1985. At that time the Chapman Lane farm, a former poultry ranch, housed more than a dozen chicken barns. Kriss and Carol, undaunted by the amount of work ahead of them, committed to transforming the ranch into a Christmas tree farm complete with a sales barn made of materials recycled from the demolished chicken barns, pens and pasture for farm animals and a huge helping of holiday spirit. With the help and advice of Carol's parents, who have been in the Christmas tree business for more than 50 years, Kriss and Carol opened Little Hills Christmas Tree Farm on Chapman Lane in 1988 to a welcoming public.


We're Growing Tradition

During the Christmas season you'll see Kriss and Carol hard at work every single day. Though the hours are long, spirits are high, and the Mungles love seeing the families who have made a visit to Little Hills Christmas Tree Farm part of their yearly tradition – some for over 30 years! Folks who came to the farm as kids, now return with their own families and friends to kick off their holiday celebrations. It's a very special time of year at a unique place – a place that brings to life the Spirit of Christmas!

At an early age Kriss & Carol's sons, James and Jon, have worked along with their parents. Now grown, they are continuing the tradition. Little Hills is not just a tradition for the families who visit, but it is the Mungle's tradition too.






Reuse. Recycle. Rejoice:
About the Barn at Chapman Lane

When Kriss and Carol bought the property on Chapman Lane that would become Little Hills Christmas Tree Farm, there were 13 chicken barns, some up to 100 feet long, that needed to be removed. Kriss and Carol decided early on that they wanted to reuse as much of the lumber, the metal roofing and as many of the windows as they could to build what is now the sales barn. They hired an architect who shared their vision and the result is a structure made of recycled materials that is as beautiful as it is functional.

Little Hills Trees

We Farm

At Little Hills Christmas Tree Farm we have made a commitment to earth-friendly farming. We work hard to maintain an environment that is not only safe for humans, but that also supports and promotes the health and well being of our wild and domestic animal residents. That means that we use no pesticides, we mow whenever possible and we recycle trees by chipping them and using the chips as mulch around the farm.

Part of our ability to maintain sound environmental practices stems from the fact that we personally attend to each and every tree throughout its life cycle. We hand prune and hand shape each tree to ensure that it grows into a tree that's exactly what you imagine a perfect tree should be. By giving each tree detailed attention we are able to identify and address any problems very quickly, and in the least invasive way possible. We take pride in providing a greenbelt at Little Hills Christmas Tree Farm, and we are dedicated to preserving this special place for generations to come.


Little Hills Christmas Tree Farm is proud to support Sonoma County businesses and non-profit organizations.

We belong to the Petaluma Area Chamber of Commerce, Sonoma County Farm Bureau, California Christmas Tree Asssociation.

Little Hills Christmas Tree Farm in Petalum