12/20/14 Little Hills Christmas Tree Farms are closed for the season.

Thank you and Merry Christmas!

Little Hills Christmas Tree Farm
961 Chapman Lane, Petaluma

Little Hills
Christmas Tree Farm 2

241 Liberty Road, Petaluma


Announcing: Liberty is Now Little Hills Farm 2
We've been the proud owners of Liberty Christmas Tree Farm for over 10 years, and we are delighted to announce that we have changed the name to Little Hills Farm 2.

The families and friends that visit us each holiday season have always had access to both Little Hills and Liberty; we just felt that it was time to make it clear that these two extraordinary properties are part of the same family-owned business.

A Simpler Holiday
Little Hills Farm 2 is a wonderful destination for families and friends seeking more serenity, reflection and a feeling of traveling back to a simpler time. With eight forested acres to wander through, our guests have the opportunity to stroll thru the farm while finding the tree that truly expresses all of their Christmas wishes.

The property is well groomed and fairly flat, making it an inviting respite for those who seek a simple stroll through the trees.







Welcome to our Christmas Tree Farms!


Kriss and Carol MungleA Place for Families & Friends

We welcome you to Little Hills Christmas Tree Farms! Spend some time on our website to discover how we can become a part of your Christmas traditions, year after year.

For over 25 years, countless families have begun their season of celebrating with a visit to Little Hills Christmas Tree Farms. It's a rare opportunity for busy families to immerse themselves in a day filled with fun, fresh air and the simplest holiday joys. Choosing and cutting your own fresh tree or choosing a fresh cut fir from a beautiful selection engages your entire family in an experience that delights the senses, and helps each person get in touch with the magic of Christmas spirit.

We invite you to visit Little Hills Christmas Tree Farms this year to start, or continue, your own special family Christmas tradition.

Wishing You All the Joys of the Season,
Kriss & Carol Mungle - Little Hills Christmas Tree Farms in Petaluma


We're Growing Tradition


Little Hills BarnEach Christmas, 35 million American families welcome a real Christmas tree into their homes. Selecting a fresh tree, and then trimming it with beloved ornaments, signals the beginning of a special time filled with family, friends and meaningful memories.

Although the days of heading to the nearest woods to chop down a fresh tree are long past, you can relive this wonderful tradition at Little Hills Christmas Tree Farms, a place where families and friends can choose and cut their own perfect tree.

Little Hills Christmas Tree Farm in Petalum